Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications team constructs and oversees all Fenwick High School messaging, as well as develops all materials and vehicles required to effectively promote and communicate the Fenwick Mission and the accomplishments of Fenwick’s students, alumni, faculty and staff to the community at large.

As part of the Institutional Advancement Department, the Marketing Communications team works with virtually all departments within the school, especially admissions and athletics, and any Fenwick-affiliated groups whom we can help communicate their messages, such as the Mothers’ and Fathers’ clubs and the Fenwick Business Council. Our group is the steward of the Fenwick brand and endeavors to communicate with all Fenwick constituencies effectively and engagingly in concert with the Fenwick Mission and brand.

In addition to daily social media posts and regular posts on our blog The Friar Files, the Marketing Communications team regularly publishes several electronic and traditional publications, including the alumni magazine The Friar Reporter, Fenwick’s alumni e-newsletter the FAN, and the twice weekly Fenwick Bulletin. The Marketing Communications team also updates the school website.

Faculty and staff, for job request forms, project briefs or official Fenwick logos, please visit the Faculty/Staff portal. Access requires login credentials. 

Parents, alumni and other friends of Fenwick, please call or email me at the contact information below if I can be helpful to you in any way.


Scott Hardesty
Director of Marketing Communication
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